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Mickey Mouse Filmography

Alpine Climbers 1936
Band Concert, The 1935
Barn Dance, The 1928     DTV b&w + cozd
Barnyard Battle, The 1929   DTV b&w
Barnyard Broadcast, The 1931   DTV cozd only
Barnyard Concert, The 1930   DTV b&w +cozd
Barnyard Olympics 1932    DTV b&w
Beach Party, The 1931    DTV b&w +cozd
Birthday Party, The 1931  lzr +cozd DTV
Blue Rhythm 1931  lzr
Boat Builders 1938
Brave Little Tailor 1938  lzr
Building A Building 1933  lzr +cozd DTV
Cactus Kid, The 1930  DTV b&w
Camping Out 1934  lzr
Castaway, The 1931   DTV b&w +cozd
Chain Gang, The 1930  lzr +cozd DTV
Clock Cleaners 1937  lzr
Delivery Boy, The 1931  lzr
Dognapper, The 1934  lzr + cozd DTV
Duck Hunt, The 1932 lzr +cozd DTV
Fire Fighters, The 1930  lzr
Fishin' Around 1931  DTV b&w +cozd
Gallopin' Gaucho 1928  lzr +cozd DTV
Giantland 1933  lzr
Gorilla Mystery, The 1930  lzr
Grocery Boy, The 1932  DTV b&w
Gulliver Mickey 1934  lzr +cozd DTV
Haunted House, The 1929  lzr
Hawaiian Holiday 1937
Jazz Fool, The 1929   DTV b&w +cozd
Jungle Rhythm 1929  DTV b&w
Just Mickey 1930 (copyrighted as Fiddlin' Around) DTV b&w
Karnival Kid, The 1929  DTV b&w
Klondike Kid, The 1932  lzr +cozd DTV
Lonesome Ghosts 1937  lzr
Mad Doctor, The 1933 lzr +cozd DTV
Mad Dog, The 1932  DTV cozd only (MY FAVORITE)
Magician Mickey 1937  lzr
Mail Pilot, The 1933  lzr +cozd DTV
Mickey Cuts Up 1931  lzr +cozd DTV
Mickey in Arabia 1932
Mickey Plays Papa 1934 DTV b&w
Mickey Steps Out 1931  lzr +cozd DTV
Mickey's Amateurs 1937
Mickey's Choo-Choo 1929  DTV b&w +cozd
Mickey's Circus 1936
Mickey's Elephant 1936
Mickey's Fire Brigade 1935
Mickey's Follies 1929  lzr
Mickey's Gala Premiere 1933  lzr
Mickey's Garden 1935
Mickey's Good Deed 1932  DTV b&w
Mickey's Grand Opera 1936  lzr
Mickey's Kangaroo 1935  DTV b&w
Mickey's Man Friday 1935
Mickey's Mechanical Man 1933 DTV b&w +cozd
Mickey's Mellerdrammer 1933
Mickey's Nightmare 1932  lzr
Mickey's Orphans 1931  lzr
Mickey's Pal Pluto 1933  DTV b&w +cozd
Mickey's Parrot 1938
Mickey's Polo Team 1936
Mickey's Revue 1932  lzr +cozd DTV
Mickey's Rival 1936
Mickey's Service Station 1935 lzr +cozd DTV
Mickey's Steam Roller 1934 lzr
Mickey's Trailer 1938  lzr
Moose Hunt, The 1931  DTV b&w
Moose Hunters 1937
Moving Day 1936
Musical Farmer 1932  DTV b&w
On Ice 1935  lzr
Opry House, The 1929  DTV b&w
Orphan's Benefit 1934  lzr
Orphan's Picnic 1936
Pet Store, The 1933  lzr
Picnic, The 1930  DTV b&w +cozd
Pioneer Days 1930  lzr
Plane Crazy 1928  lzr
Playful Pluto 1934  DTV b&w
Plow Boy, The 1929   DTV b&w
Pluto's Judgment Day 1935  lzr
Pointer, The 1939
Puppy Love 1933  lzr +cozd DTV
Shanghaied 1934  DTV b&w +cozd
Shindig, The 1930  DTV b&w
Society Dog Show 1939
Steamboat Willie, November 18, 1928  lzr
Steeple Chase, The 1933
Thru The Mirror 1936 lzr
Touchdown Mickey 1932  lzr
Trader Mickey 1932
Traffic Troubles 1931  DTV b&w
Two-Gun Mickey 1934  lzr
Wayward Canary, The 1932   DTV b&w +cozd
Whalers, The 1938
When the Cat's Away 1929
Whoopee Party, The 1932  lzr +cozd DTV
Wild Waves 1930  DTV b&w
Worm Turns, The 1937
Ye Olden Days 1933  lzr